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IMD-652 Painting Technique

IMD652 "Leandra Dragon Slayer"

MAYCO colors: Jet Black (SS-137), White (SS-135), Ivory Task (SS-375), Pansy (SS-94), Dusty Violet (SS-368), Old World Santa Red (SS-100), Cherokee Tan (SS-372), Light Gray (SS-108), Buttermilk (SS-45), Portrait (SS-125), Rich Rose (SS-151), Wedgewood Blue (SS-356), Renaissance Gold (TL-203), Light Iron Antiquing.

  • Step 1. Clean greenware and fire it to cone 03.Prepear glazed areas and fire it to cone 05. Apply liquid fire-on silver to glaze and fire it to cone 018.
  • Step 2. Basecoat skin Portrait (SS-125) then Ivory Task (SS-375), and scull Buttermilk (SS-45). Antique these areas with a light brown antiquing. Basecoat all other areas with black.
  • Step 3. Wet-brush cape with Pansy (SS-94) and highlight with Dusty Violet (SS-368). Wet-brush girls costume and boots with Old World Santa Red (SS-100) and Cherokee Tan (SS-372). Paint dots Light Gray (SS-108).
  • Step 4. Wet-brush rocks with Light Gray (SS-108) and shade with Cherokee Tan (SS-372) and Old World Santa Red (SS-100). Highlight with Buttermilk (SS-45).
  • Step 5. Use gold rub on wax Renaissance Gold (TL-203) on front and back of shield and handle on the sward. Paint eyes Wedgewood Blue (SS-356) and lips Rich Rose (SS-151). Shade scull with Cherokee Tan (SS-372). Spray with matte spray.