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IMD-633 Painting Technique

IMD633 Spring Cherub

Supplies by Mayco

TL-115 Gold Blending Media; SS-81 Shimmering Silver; SS-209 Orange Peel; TL-123 Holiday Red; SS-89 Copper; SS-234 Medium Mocha; TL-134 Black Forest; SS-94 Pansy; SS-331 Medium Blue; TL-300 Golden Twinkle; SS-127 Medium Portrait; SS-375 Ivory Tusk; MM-101 Brass Metallic; SS-129 Light Tan; SS-388 Sculpture Bronze; MM-200 Verde Green; SS-130 Medium Gray; AC-501 Hi-Gloss Sealer; SS-3 Honey Toast; SS-135 White; AC-516 Porcelain Mist; SS-19 Country Sage; SS-138 Flat Black; AC-520 Solvent; SS-51 Coral Rose; SS-182 Peach


  • Begin with properly cleaned and fired 06 bisque. Basecoat cherub, wings and bird with Medium Portrait. Antique these areas with Golden Twinkle. Spray. Then apply 1 thin coat of Gold Blending Media. Spray. Heavily drybrush flesh area with Light Tan then lightly drybrush with Peach. Now tip into Coral Rose to blush higher areas.
  • Use Medium Mocha for eyebrows and eye outline. Basecoat eye area with White, the irises Medium Blue with a Flat Black pupil and White highlight. Blush cheeks again, if needed, with Coral Rose and then paint lips.
  • Heavily drybrush hair with Honey Toast. Highlight with Bright Yellow then lightly add highlights with Ivory Tusk. Drybrush wings with Ivory Tusk then highlight White.
  • Evenly drybrush dove with White. Paint eyes Flat Black then beak and feet Orange Peel.
  • Basecoat flowers, leaves and can with Medium Gray. Apply Black Forest to the leaves and Holiday Red to the roses. Spray. Drybrush highlights to the leaves with Country Sage then tip into Bright Yellow to lightly highlight.
  • Drybrush roses with Coral Rose then tip into White to lightly highlight. Evenly drybrush remaining flowers with White. Paint the centers with Honey Toast then detail with Orange Peel, White and Flat Black. The buds are Pansy then highlight with White.
  • Stipple can with Shimmering Silver and Brass Metallic mixed on brush. Before this area dries, spray with Verde Green Patina. Now allow to dry until patina develops.
  • Apply a wash of Copper over the bands of can then paint rivets with Sculpture Bronze.
  • Use Hi-Gloss Sealer to the lips, eyes, beak and rivets.