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IMD-615/8 Painting Technique


Supplies by Mayco Colors: EL-118 Blue Grotto, PC-601 Clear Cascade, SP-254 Speckled Vanilla Dip, SC-32 Bluebeard

General Directions: Begin with properly cleaned and fired 04 bisque. For candlesticks, make sure hole is large enough to fit a candle cup. Goblets should be slip attached to desired stem.


  • Apply 3 coats of Blue Grotto to the inside and outside of each piece. Allow to thoroughly dry. Wipe back Celtic design area back to bisque.
  • Use 3 coats of Speckled Vanilla Dip on the Celtic design areas. When dry, float Bluebeard to all the areas where the design goes under itself. There are a lot.
  • Apply 1 coat of Clear Cascade to the rim, diamonds and dots. Apply another coat of Blue Grotto over these same areas.
  • Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.