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IMD-696//8 Painting Technique

Basketball Chess By cheri Mullins


  • SS-7 Country Apple SS-138 Flat Black SS-337 Dark Blue
  • SS-19 Country Sage SS-198 Chocolate SS-372 Cherokee Tan
  • SS-80 Glorious Gold SS-210 Orange SS-399 Terra Cotta
  • SS-81 Shimmering Silver SS-211 Orange Rust TL-300 Golden Twinkle
  • SS-111 Brightest Yellow SS-212 Light Umber AC-501 Hi-Gloss Sealer
  • SS-129 Light Tan SS-237 Dark Brown AC-516 Porcelain Mist
  • SS-132 Slate Gray SS-276 Forest Green AC-520 Solvent
  • SS-135 White

General Directions: Begin with properly cleaned and fired 04 bisque. In this technique, basecoat entire piece except for black areas first, then antique Golden Twinkle and add highlights. Read all directions first before beginning project. Remember your team can be any color.


  • All bases and basketballs are basecoated with Terra Cotta. After antiquing, paint lines Flat Black then lightly drybrush highlights with Orange Rust.
  • For light skin tone, basecoat flesh with Light Tan and hair with Cherokee Tan. For medium skin tone, basecoat flesh with Cherokee Tan and hair Chocolate. For dark skin tone, basecoat flesh with Chocolate. After antiquing, highlight light flesh and hair Light Tan, medium flesh Light Umber and hair Cherokee Tan, and dark flesh Cherokee Tan then paint hair Flat Black. Detail eyes and facial hair as desired.
  • Refer to photo for color placements. For green team, basecoat yellow areas with Brightest Yellow, green areas with Forest Green and white areas with White. After antiquing, spray. Lightly highlight yellow areas with Brightest Yellow then tip into White to highlight. Lightly highlight green areas with Country Sage then tip into White to further highlight. Evenly drybrush white areas with White. Detail a desired.
  • For red team, basecoat red areas with Country Apple and white areas White. After antiquing, spray then drybrush red areas Country Apple, tip into Orange to highlight then into Brightest Yellow to lightly highlight. Evenly drybrush white areas with White. Paint shoes Flat Black and highlight with Light Gray. Detail as desired.
  • Coaches: Basecoat suits Slate Gray and shirts White; refer to colors listed above for specific team colors. After antiquing, lightly drybrush suit with Slate Gray tipped into White then further highlight with White. Evenly drybrush shirt White.
  • Referees: Basecoat shirt White. After antiquing, paint pants Flat Black and stripes on shirt. Lightly drybrush highlights with Slate Gray tipped into White.
  • Trophies: Basecoat Flat Black then evenly drybrush either Shimmering Silver or Glorious Gold.
  • Cheerleader Pom Poms: Red team - basecoat Country Apple, antique, spray, add details with White and Flat Black. Green team basecoat White, antique, spray, add details with Forest Green and Brightest Yellow.
  • Spray all pieces, except trophies, with Matte Sealer; allow to dry thoroughly. Play Ball or Chess!!