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IMD-691/5 Painting Technique

Football Chess By Cheri Mullins


  • SS-7 Country Apple SS-135 White SS-337 Dark Blue
  • SS-19 Country Sage SS-138 Flat Black SS-339 Navy
  • SS-23 Mink SS-176 Christmas Red SS-372 Cherokee Tan
  • SS-45 Buttermilk SS-192 Light Taupe SS-373 Brick Red
  • SS-81 Shimmering Silver SS-198 Chocolate TL-104 Black
  • SS-84 Copper SS-210 Orange TL-106 Red Maple
  • SS-108 Light Gray SS-212 Light Umber AC-501 Hi-Gloss Sealer
  • SS-129 Light Tan SS-247 Brightest Yellow AC-516 Porcelain Mist
  • SS-132 Slate Gray SS-276 Forest Green AC-520 Solvent

General Directions: Begin with properly cleaned and fired 04 bisque. In this technique, base-coat entire piece except for black areas first, then antique Red Maple and add highlights. Read all directions first before beginning project. Remember your team can be any color.


Evenly basecoat both halves of playing board Country Sage. When dry, paint every other square and outer edge Forest Green; 2 coats may be needed for even coverage.

  • For the side rails, basecoat Slate Gray. Basecoat trees Forest Green and entrance Country Apple. Antique entire piece with Black TL. Spray. Drybrush steps with Light Tan. Refer to photo to finish drybrushing bleachers with Light Gray.
  • For entrances into stadium seating, paint Flat Black then heavily drybrush surrounding area with Light Gray. For main entrance, drybrush with Christmas Red. Evenly drybrush the name area with Light Gray and highlight windows with same color. Add streaks of White to highlight further. Paint doorframes with Dark Brown.
  • Drybrush trees with Country Sage then tip into Brightest Yellow to highlight. Apply Hi-Gloss Sealer to the window areas only.
  • All bases for chess pieces are basecoated Brick Red and grass is Forest Green. For fill-in areas between legs basecoat with Buttermilk.
  • For light skin tone, basecoat flesh with Light Tan and hair with Cherokee Tan. For medium skin tone, basecoat flesh with Cherokee Tan and hair Chocolate. For dark skin tone, basecoat flesh with Chocolate. After antiquing, highlight light flesh and hair Light Tan, medium flesh Light Umber and hair Cherokee Tan, and dark flesh Cherokee Tan then paint hair Flat Black.
  • Refer to photo for color placements. On the blue and gold team players, basecoat gold areas Brightest Yellow, blue areas with Navy and white areas White. Antique Red Maple; spray. Lightly highlight gold areas Brightest Yellow then tip into White. Lightly drybrush blue areas with Dark Blue then tip into White to highlight. Drybrush white areas with White until even. Detail helmets as desired.
  • For scarlet and gray team players, basecoat scarlet areas Country Apple, white areas White and gray areas with Light Gray. After antiquing, spray then drybrush scarlet areas Christmas Red, tip into Orange to highlight then into Brightest Yellow to lightly highlight. Evenly drybrush white areas with White and finally, gray areas drybrush with Shimmering Silver. Detail helmets as desired.
  • Paint all black areas with Flat Black. Very lightly drybrush laces on players with Light Gray. Paint eyes with White and Flat Black.
  • Referees: basecoat socks, pants and shirt and 2 hats White. Antique Red Maple, spray then evenly drybrush white areas White. Detail with Flat Black.
  • Coaches: basecoat pants Mink, shirt and shoes Buttermilk and headset Slate Gray. After antiquing, basecoat play book Flat Black, highlight pants Mink, shirt and shoes White and headset and play book Light Gray. Add detail colors for desired team.
  • Trophy pieces: basecoat Brightest Yellow for gold team and Country Apple for scarlet team stripe at base. Antique Red Maple; spray. Drybrush either Copper or Shimmering Silver for desired color.
  • Spray all pieces with Matte Sealer; allow to dry thoroughly. Play Ball or Chess!!