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IMD-681/5 Painting Technique

IMD681 Camelot

Mayco: Vanilla Ice (SS-191), Black (SS-137), White (SS-135), Pansy (SS-94), Medium Blue (SS-331), Light Gray (SS-108), Glorious Gold (SS-80), Matte Spray.

  • Step1 . Base coat piece with Black (SS-137). Wet brush all brick and rocks Light Gray (SS-108). Repeat with Vanilla Ice (SS-191).
  • Step 2. Shade bricks and rocks with Medium Blue (SS-331), Pansy (SS-94), and then with Black (SS-137).
  • Step 3. Paint all windows and doors Black (SS-137). Roof Tops are Glorious Gold (SS-80). Spray with Matte Spray.

IMD682 "Dragon of Reincarnation"

Mayco: Jet Black (SS-137), Old World Santa Red (SS-100), Vanilla Ice (SS-191), Red (SS-173), Artichoke (SS-48), Golden Ochre (SS-254), Slate Gray (SS-132), Light Gray (SS-108), Medium Mocha (SS-234).

  • Step 1. Base coat piece with Jet Black. Wet brush skull with Vanilla Ice. Wet brush rocks with Slate Gray, plus then Light Gray.
  • Step 2. Paint belly Artichoke. Wet brush dragon with Old Word Santa Red, plus then with Red. Highlight with Golden Ochre. Spray with Matte sealer.

IMD683 "Dragon Lord"

Mayco: Jet Black (SS-137), Forest Green (SS-276), Artichoke (SS-48), Golden Ochre(SS-254), Slate Gray (SS-132), Light Gray (SS-108), Orange (SS-210).

  • Step1. Base coat dragon Jet Black. Paint belly Golden Ochre, shade belly with Orange. Wet brush dragon with Forest Green, and then Artichoke. Highlight with Golden Ochre. Wet brush rocks with Slate Gray and then Light Gray. Spray with Matte sealer.

IMD684 "Dragon Master Of The Castle"

Doc Holiday: Roughcut Bronze, Black antiquing, Gold rub-on wax, Matte Spray.

  • Step 1. Base coat entire piece with Roughcut bronze.
  • Step 2. Antique with Black and wipe back with soft cloth. Spray with Matte sealer and let dry.
  • Step 3. Use Gold fingertip wax and highlight entire piece. Spray again with Matte sealer.

IMD685 "Guardian Of Excalibur"

Mayco : Jet Black (SS-137), Light Gray (SS-108), Golden Ochre (SS-254), Forest Green (SS-276), Artichoke (SS-48), Red (SS-173), Cherokee Tan (SS-372), Slate Gray (SS-132), Vanilla Ice (SS-191), Matte sealer.

  • Step 1. Base coat entire piece Jet Black. Wet brush rocks Light Grey and add washes of Cherokee Tan. Highlight with Vanilla Ice.
  • Step 2. Paint dragons belly Golden Ochre. Wet brush body Forest Green and then Artichoke. Add Golden Ochre to same brush and highlight.
  • Step 3. Shade belly with Red. Paint tongue and eyes Red. Pain sword handle Cherokee Tan and Blade Slate Gray and Vanilla Ice. Spray with Matte sealer.