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IMD-659 Painting Technique

Mayco: Black (SS-137), Light Gray (SS-108), Chocolate (SS-198), Eggshell (SS-133), Mink (SS-23), Forest Green (SS-276), Artichoke (SS-48), Bright Yellow (SS-247), Orange Rust (SS211), Country Apple (SS-7), Glorious Gold (SS-80), Matte Spray.

  • Step 1. Base coat piece Black (SS-137), wet brush log with Chocolate (SS-198), Mink (SS-23), and then highlight with Eggshell (SS-133). Wet brush rocks with Light Gray (SS-108). Shade rocks with Orange Rust (SS211) and Black (SS-137). Highlight edges of rocks with Eggshell (SS-133).
  • Step 2. Wet brush belly using Bright Yellow (SS-247), shade down each side with Orange Rust (SS211). Wet brush dragon with Forest Green (SS-276). Repeat with Artichoke (SS-48).
  • Step 3. With color still in brush, pick up some Bright Yellow (SS-247) and highlight dragon. Shade with Orange Rust (SS211) and Forest Green (SS-276). Paint toe nails gold, tongue Country Apple (SS-7) and teeth Eggshell (SS-133). Spray with Matte spray.