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IMD-302 Painting Technique

Technique IMD-302 Castle

MAYCO Colors: Jet Black (SS-137), Light Gray (SS-108), Ivory Task (SS-375), Dark Brown (SS-237), Chocolate (SS-198), Cherokee Tan (SS-372), Golden Ochre (SS-254), gold finger tip wax, matte spray.

  • Step 1: Clean greenware and fire to cone 3. Base coat piece with Jet Black (SS-137).
  • Step 2: Wet brush all bricks and rocks Light Gray (SS-108). Apply a light wash of Golden Ochre (SS-254) to bricks. Use washes of Cherokee Tan (SS-372) and Chocolate (SS-198) on rocks. Highlight with Ivory Task (SS-375).
  • Step 3: Wet brush all stones with Dark Brown (SS-237), Chocolate (SS-198), and highlight with Cherokee Tan (SS-372). Paint inside all windows and doors with Jet Black (SS-137).
  • Step 4: Use gold finger tip wax on roof tops. Shade all areas with Jet Black (SS-137) and spray with matte spray.