IMD introduces new exiting line of ceramic tiles.


Do it yourself and save money!



If you need more then one mold (and you will after you'll try this market) - I will give you a 30-40% discount when you purchase 3 or more molds of same design.

I started this line accidentally when remodeling my kitchen. I needed 52 L-shape back-splash tiles and cheapest one I could find in "Lowe's" was about $10.00 I decide to do it myself and made my first tile-design. Doing that I saved myself $520.00 at least. After that it was a snowball effect. Everyone who saw it - wanted. Later I discover that there is a huge market for ceramic tiles. They are very easy to manufacture in quantity and Tile stores love custom tiles. And the beauty of this business that they never buy ones and twos. Just think how many tiles it would take to remodel your bathroom. Well, do the math. After that, I had to choose to ether expend my tile production or do what I like do best - sculpt and make molds. That's why I decided to offer you my tile designs and let you try it. I am sure you'll be very pleased with designs and marketing opportunities.

To purchase IMD600 "reservoir" mold on-line please click on the picture.


The biggest problem with pouring solid tiles was small pour-holes. Ceramist had to keep adding slip every minute or so. I managed to solve this problem with "Reservoir" molds IMD-600. They allow you to keep an access of slip over pour-holes, so you don't have to add more slip every minute. If you tried to pour tile or plate mold with closed bottom (it does make a very nice back side) then you are familiar with that problem. You have to keep mold full all the time to prevent it from trapping air inside. And what a task it is. With a "reservoir" mold you simply place it over pour-holes and you don't have to worry about adding your slip again. Simply place them over pour-holes and 15 min. later just slide them off.

You can also order via e-mail. Just make a list of designs you would like to purchase and please include your zip-code so I can calculate total and send you an invoice.