IMD fantasy line created by internationally known sculptor Igor Mintch. He sculpted over 10 years for Doc Holliday Molds and created most of the famous DHM dragons and other mystical figurines. Igor does continue traditions and sculpting techniques of famous European sculptors.

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IMD molds can also be cast in porcelain. As you can see on the photo we used traditional "hobby ceramic" design in wonderful porcelain technique of Spanish oils. It does give an absolutely new look to IMD designs. This painting was performed by artist Therese Meisling.

IMD659 "Dragon Of The Old Code" - fragment.

Painting technique is also available (click here).

If you'll have any suggestions for specific images you'd like to see available please e-mail as at imdceramics@yahoo.com If we find that your idea has a wide appeal we will put it in IMD schedule.

IMD650 "Protector of the Castle".