Igor Mintch sculpted many ceramic chess sets well known on the ceramic market for Doc Holliday Molds and TNT Molds.

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IMD "chess sets" line present a new approach to ceramic chess sets. As you can see on the photo IMD developed a ceramic board. Many mold companies tried it before but biggest problem was that they all were warping in the kiln. IMD engineered a new board with reinforced bottom. It does come out straight every time. Two castings will make a board. It pours solid through two small holes on the bottom and it also makes a very nice, clean bottom.


Same board will be used in all our chess sets, so you wouldn't have to buy a new board every time you make a new chess set. This board is a little bit smaller then boards used in chess sets Igor sculpted for Doc Holliday and TNT mold companies. Squares of IMD board are 2"x2" in greenware which make board 16"x16" in bisque. That allowed us to avoid making a corner piece for side-rail. Its one less mold for you to buy.

Board is recommended to cast using IMD600 "reservoir" mold, it makes casting so much easier.

Football and Basketball chess sets are already available. We are planning to release a Baseball chess set by the end of summer. It will use same side-rail. Please check IMD catalog NEW DESIGNS section for availability.

NEW!!! IMD718_sm

IMD-718 Lg. Chess Board designed to fit ALL existing chess sets by Doc Holliday Molds, as well as Egyptian chess set by IMD and Soccer set from Petro Molds. It will fit any set currently using plastic board from National ArtCraft.

Now you'll be able to decorate chess board in any way your heart desire. It can be painted with acrylics or glazes. If glazed it can be also decorated with decals. You can also create your own decals using IMD PRINT&FIRE decal technique. Sky is a limit.

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