We make our designs more user friendly, trying to keep the number of attachments down but at the same time not to sacrifice a quality of design. Very sharp, intricate details on the wings make IMD designs more attractive. If you like cherubs we are sure you'll like IMD designs. We also have a "satisfaction guarantee" policy where you can return it and get your money back. Not like it ever happens but it gives customers an extra sense of security.

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IMD "Victorian Cherubs" line continues traditions of 17-19 century European sculptors.

  IMD634 "Garden CHERUB 22 tall

  This design is a replica of famous "Mischievous Cupid" by Falconet. It was commission for the house of Madame de Pompadour. Bisque size 22"


  Mold is available.


We are planning to expand this line in the future. If you have suggestions on specific designs please contact us via e-mail.